Have you ever been there- waiting for a callback or reply from your friend confirming your travel plans?

Made vain attempts to get your whole group on the same page while picking out a destination or the date?

Made all plans but that one friend backs out last moment and dampens your vacation mood?

And at a time like this, you whisper under your breath- I wish I had come alone!

Well, why not?

Sometimes the best travel companion you can have is your own self. Ambling down the streets, stopping for that scoop of gelato that your other travel buddies never waited for, visiting monuments others wouldn’t visit without a hint of nagging underneath or sitting in peace and calm in a lush green park collecting your thoughts; these are a few rewards of travelling solo.

So if you are an adventure seeker or an escapist from your routine, on a spiritual journey or merely collecting experiences, solo travelling is the key. And what better way to kick-start your solo travel than beautiful South India. From expansive tea gardens to sprawling beaches, bustling metropolis to quaint settlements, South India is home to several lands and treasures waiting to be explored and discovered by you.

Best Places to Travel Alone in South India-2019

  1. Munnar
  2. Alappuzha
  3. Coorg
  4. Kodaikanal
  5. Hampi
  6. Gokarna
  7. Varkala
  8. Ooty
  9. Pondicherry
  10. Yelagiri


Munnar is one of the romantic holiday places in South India, full of green forests and cold fresh air running into the atmosphere will definitely leave you mesmerized. When you will enter this area, the fresh tea smells will take you to another level. The beautiful hilltops and tea gardens which is the most popular thing in this area make your visit complete.

It is said to be one of the most beautiful hill stations of South India. You will find the number of tourist attractions to visit and you will be filled with the beauty of each and every place. The dense wet forests, the tea museum, Eravikulam National Park and many more exciting places to visit in the lap of nature.

Insider’s Information

Best time to visit -Munnar is from October to November and From January to May because in this period it’s a little cold and windy.

Where to stay– Book a comfortable stay at the Hotels in Munnar

How long to stay-2 or 3 days are best to stay in Munnar


South India is filled with amazing places, beyond your imagination. Many people think to go abroad and spend their holidays but there are many places which is as equal to the beauty of any other country. The Alleppey known as the ‘Venice of the East’, has the beautiful backwaters and houseboats. The place where your dream romance lies, nature which bestows all blessings on you.

The coconut trees and the lovely water, apart from the beautiful houseboats, you can witness the amazing sunset from the Marari Beach. There are many other places where you can witness the paradise of this place, Vemband with India’s longest lake with the beautiful bird reserve, Alappuzha beach and Pathiramanal lake.

Insider’s Information

Best time to visit– November to February is the best time to travel to this paradise in South India.

Where to stay– Book a comfortable stay at the Hotels in Alappuzha

How long to stay- 3 days are ample to stay in this region


Covered with clouds, soft cold wind humming in the silence of the place, through the dense forests and beautiful waterfalls. Are you not exciting to visit this amazing place? Coorg is known as the ‘Scotland of South India, It is not far from Bangalore. The beautiful weather of this place will surely mesmerize you and if you are a lover of nature then this place is like a heaven for you.

There are many places to visit and to make your trip filled with adventure and you can explore nature. You can try waterfall repelling, it’s risky but it will be an amazing experience for you. You can take elephant rides as well see as many waterfalls and dense forests.

Insider’s Information

Best time to visit– March and April are the most preferred months to visit this place as the valley is flooded with white flowers.

Where to stay- Book a comfortable stay at the Hotels in Coorg

How long to stay- 7 days are enough to explore this beautiful place.


Filled with the green beauty of nature with the sloping valleys, is the amazing view that God has gifted this place. It is one of the best hill stations in South India. Filled with dense forests and lush green valleys, this places is filled with an amazing view of nature.

The view of Wonderland and the magnificent Palani hills, you can enjoy the eternal pleasant weather of this place and greenery and paradise which this place is giving to you on your visit. The serenity of Kodai lake and the mesmerizing view of Benjarim lake. You can visit the Silver Cascade Falls and the Coaker’s Walk which will make you feel like heaven.

Insider’s Information

Best time to visit–  Summer and monsoons are the best months like April to June and between July to September.

Where to stay– Book a comfortable stay at the Hotels in Kodaikanal

How long to stay- 3 days you can explore this beautiful place


Hampi - one of the best destinations to travel alone in South India

Whether you are a history aficionado excitedly examining the stone carvings and temples of this rocky wonderland, a writer in progress hoping to find your voice in the vast ruins of this old settlement or merely someone seeking a quiet escape from the chaos of your routine, Hampi is the one-place-fits-all. Once the capital of Vijayanagar Empire in 14th century, the city is now in ruins but enjoys a prime spot on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list as well as the solo travellers’ list.

The city is a treasure trove of monuments and ancient relics, most popular among them being the Virupaksha Temple. This oldest shrine remains a significant site of worship till date. Around the temple complex are several other worship sites and monuments like the Jain Hemakuta temples, Ganesha temple, Krishna Temple and a small Krishna Bazaar. A quiet stroll along the river from the Virupaksha temple also leads to Vitthala Temple-site of the famous stone chariot and hall of musical pillars. A little distance away is Kamalapura where you’ll stumble upon the Zenana Enclosure, the Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stables and the Queen’s Bath.

Besides being rich in historic landmarks, Hampi also has a tranquil setting, ideal for the lone traveller.

You can read more about the city on Nirupama Jain’s solo travel diary to Hampi on her blog.

Insider’s Information

Best Time to Visit: Winter months from October to March

Where to Stay: Book a comfortable stay at the hotels in Hospet

How Long to Stay: 3 days are ample to explore the ruins of Hampi


Gokarna - one of the best solo travel destinations in south India

A small beach town in Karnataka, not quite as fancy as Goa but matching it in beauty, Gokarna is every beach lover’s and solo traveller’s dream. The town is famous for a chilled-out beach holiday. Its beaches, pristine and quiet, away from the large crowds are what attract the travellers to the city.

Be it the expansive cove of Kudle Beach flanked by woodlands on one end, the stillness and quietude of the rocky Paradise Beach or the sprawling palm fringed Om Beach, you are spoilt for choice in the city. Besides the beaches, there are also many religious sites and Hindu temples in Gokarna where you can observe the Dravidian architecture or summon the spiritual voice in you.

If time is not a constraint for you, extend your trip to visit Murudeshwar, a mere one hour journey via train from Gokarna. The ancient city is popular for tall and historic temples that proudly grace the skyline by the beach.

Insider’s Information

Best Time to Visit: Winter months from October to March when the weather is balmy and pleasant

Where to Stay: Book a comfortable stay at the Hotels in Karwar

How Long to Stay: Spend at least 4 days exploring the beaches of Gokarna and the landmarks of Murudeshwar


Varkala - one of the best solo travel destinations in south India

If walking on the sandy shores with nothing but miles and miles of the glistening blue blanket of the sea is what you are looking for, Varkala is the place for you. Situated between Alleppey and Kovalam, this lesser known destination is a budget backpacking location for solo travellers.

The calm and quiet hamlet, driven heavily by the tourism industry is an ideal place to watch the days turn into weeks in the blink of an eye. Varkala is small enough to walk around in about 15 minutes, but its location atop a cliff provides hours of scenic vistas, peaceful environment and calm solitude.

Welcome the new day on the golden sands of the quiet Varkala beach while the sea waves lightly spray your feet and sheepishly recede. Walk through the rugged coastline of the fishing village as the terrain alters between rocky and sandy. Before you know it, you may have discovered an attraction you weren’t even looking for.

Explore the awe-inspiring temples and forts like Janardhana Swamy TempleAnjengo FortVishnu temple and Sivagiri Mutt to study and marvel at their architecture. Having strolled through the sandy shores of Varkala Beach, enjoy a culinary experience with candle lights and the stars flickering in the dark and hear the roars of the sea, splashing against the shore repeatedly.

By the end of your journey, the calm of Varkala will have become a part of your being.

Insider’s Information

Best Time to Visit: Winter months from October to March when the weather is balmy and pleasant. The monsoon months from July to September are also a pleasant time in Varkala. Summers, however, must be avoided.

Where to Stay: Enjoy a comfortable stay at the Hotels in Trivandrum or Hotels in Kovalam.

How Long to Stay: 3 days are ideal to relax in Varkala and explore the village.


Ooty - one of the best solo travel destinations in south India

Verdant hills, panoramic views, and vast tea estates are what make the ‘Queen of Hills’ Ooty a favourite among solo travellers. The town is well suited for the thrill seekers, nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and hikers.

With several attractions to explore, plan your days to include most of them in your itinerary. Hire a taxi or amble on your own to see lofty mountains, dense forests, sprawling grasslands and miles and miles of lush pasture greet you pleasantly. Take a stroll through the terraced gardens at Ooty Botanical Park housing diverse varieties of flora. A sole 20-million years old fossilized tree is a popular attraction of the gardens.

Go for a joyful toy train ride through dark tunnels and misty woods to discover the pristine treasure of the Nilgiri Hills or hike up to Doddabetta Peak to capture the scenic beauty of Ooty with your lens. If adventure runs in your blood, trek up to the Dolphin’s Nose to catch the breathtaking view of the Catherine Falls and the confluence of Coonoor stream and Kotagiri stream. For a fun activity, spend some time fishing at Kamraj Sagar Lake.

And lastly, treat your sweet tooth because your trip to Ooty is incomplete without tasting its special white chocolate!

Insider’s Information

Best Time to Visit: Ooty is a year-round destination; however, the months between April to June and September to November are the most ideal.

Where to Stay: Enjoy a comfortable stay at the luxury as well as budget Hotels in Ooty.

How Long to Stay: 3-5 days are ideal to spend in the Queen of Hills, Ooty.


Pondicherry - one of the best solo travel destinations in south India

Hippie trails, quirky cafes, European boulevards, Gothic churches and sprawling isolated beaches- this is Pondicherry for you. Reminiscent of French Polynesia, the city is well known among backpackers and solo travellers for a wide array of experiences.

If lying beside a lonely beach, doing nothing but relaxing is what you are looking for, head to the Auro beach. If you enjoy aqua sports, go surfing or parasailing at Paradise Beach or swim in the waters of the expansive and popular Promenade Beach.

Stroll through the French Quarter of the city to trace the remnants of the colonial times. Enjoy a quiet reading experience in the quirky cafes while sipping of freshly brewed coffee or relish Franco-Indian cuisine at the restaurants sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.

To see the epitome of the French architecture in India, pay a visit to White Town. It is a well-planned area with European style streets and trees of bougainvillea. Ever seen those rustic images against a sunflower-yellow wall on Instagram? Those are from the White Town too!

For a soul cleansing experience, visit the globally famous Sri Aurobindo Ashram or check out the hippie settlement of Auroville some 15 kms from the ashram.

Tourist Places around Pondicherry

Read more about Pondicherry here.

Insider’s Information

Best Time to Visit: Owing to a coastal influence, Pondicherry remains warm throughout the year. The months from October to March are the most ideal to visit and enjoy Pondicherry. The weather during this period is pleasant and balmy to enjoy a leisurely walk through the streets and boulevards of the city.

Where to Stay: Suit your budget and book comfortable stays at the Hotels in Pondicherry.

How Long to Stay: Spend at least 3-5 days in the French-esque Pondicherry.


Yelagiri - one of the best destinations to travel alone in south India

Abundant in natural beauty, this quaint hill station will make its first impression on you even before you have reached your destination. Dotted by woods and forests, the way to Yelagiri is marked by stunning landscape. Once you reach the town, the first thing you will notice is its quietness. So, if you seek some ‘me time’, Yelagiri is the perfect destination.

While it may seem much different than the other hill stations, it does have quintessential features of one. From viewpoints to lakes, Yelagiri has it all. A visit to Punganoor Lake is the perfect way to begin your vacation. The tranquil surroundings of the lake make for a pleasant experience. You can collect your thoughts here to the sound of water or take a boat ride across the waters. If you are up for a quick adventure, take a short trek from the lake to reach famous Swami Malai Hills. Watch the sunset down the valley here.

If you are looking for a tryst with nature, take a walk in the Nature Park near Punganoor Lake. Spread over 12 acres, the park is abundant in exquisite floral species. An artificial cascading waterfall, a multicoloured musical fountain, fish aquarium and a bamboo house are also within the park confines.

Insider’s Information

Best Time to Visit: November to February are the most ideal months to visit Yelagiri and witness its beauty.

Where to Stay: Enjoy your stay at the luxury and budget Hotels near Yelagiri

How Long to Stay: 4 days in Yelagiri are enough to get your groove back and collecting the experience of a lifetime.

Now that you know what the best places to travel alone in South India are, start your journey to experience the world unfiltered; explore the hidden coves, meet new people and discover the undiscovered to truly discover your own self.


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