In a new era of travel Companies & agents working at the top of their profession, earning significant incomes, and driving billions in global travel sales, Le Adventure planners is poised to continue its aggressive growth through expanding our reach and by providing a host of travel agency services that makes our travel advisors the most successful in the business.

The new Office sets the company apart from its competitors. Our new offices represent the concierge level service that our independent travel advisors provide to their clients, many of whom are important figures. This new environment provides our independent advisors with an ideal space where they meet daily with our clients and work in an atmosphere that is conducive to their identity as best in class travel consultants.

Selayang Baru, 68100 Batu Cave, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All activities, Tours and other Bookings to Comtainment zones & hotspots are on hold due to the current pandemic conditions in the world. Bur we have resumed some packages and hotel bookings. Dismiss

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