Adventure Tourism

As travellers seek new and different experiences, adventure tourism continues to grow in popularity. Adventure tourism, according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, is a tourist activity that includes a physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature. You don’t necessarily have to go base jumping or go scuba diving with sharks to be an adventure tourist (although those activities definitely qualify). Adventure tourism is about connecting with a new culture or a new landscape and being physically active at the same time. It is not about being risky or pushing your boundaries. In fact, it is especially important to know and respect your limits while you are in an unfamiliar area. Our list of adventure tourism activities has plenty of options if you aren’t necessarily a thrill seeker. If you are an adrenaline junkie, don’t worry we still have a few ideas for your next trip.


River Rafting



Zip Line



Scuba Diving

Island Hopping


Village Hopping


Desert Safari


Motorbike Adventures

Custom Tour Packages

Whether you want to modify a tour package on our website or have an itinerary built from scratch, the local travel consultants at Le Adventure Planner can create your ideal trip. In addition to the benefits of all Le Adventure Planners tours—booking handpicked hotels, transportation, excursions and more—customized tours offer a personalized experience. You decide where to visit, how long to spend and what type of accommodation suits you best.

  • Adding extra nights or activities to a package
  • Accommodating large groups or travellers with special needs
  • Assistance for planning a business retreat

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